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_ Year

2012 / 2013


_ Category

Feature Film
Concept Art
Matte Painting


_ Details

These are some of the concepts and matte paintings for Joseph Kosinski's Oblivion, which I created as part of the Pixomondo environment team. Copyright Universal, Pixomondo or their respective owners.

My role in this canyon shot: 2D painting and projection setup in Nuke for the complete sky and environment above the ice canyon. I also made the basic 3D geo in 3dsmax. Additional 3D provided by Marco Wilz. Ice canyon done by Pixomondo 3D and environment team. We helped out texturing dirt and leak on top with Mari.


Final shot



Layer view


My role in this shot: projection setup in Nuke and complete 2D painting on top of 3D base provided by Falk Boje



Original matte painting of side A



Layer view


Quick concepts I created for the shot


My role in this shot: projection setup in Nuke and complete 2.5D matte painting of the landscape and sky after the rock wall. Additional projections on top of the rocks.



Original matte painting


Concept variations for this shot



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