Far Cry 5 TV Commercial
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Far Cry 5: Anything Can Happen, Everything Will - Live Action TV Spot


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TV Advert
Concept Art
Matte Painting


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I did concepts for all scenes for the Far Cry 5 TV Commercial in Post Production Stage how the final environments could look like. Afterwards I also created matte paintings in collaboration with the environment guys at Pixo. Images copyright Ubisoft, Pixomondo or their respective owners.

Barn scene: For everything behind the railing I created the complete barn as a 2.5D matte painting. Of course the car and flying wood elements came from CG team.


Bar scene: Here I helped out with matte painting elements at the back walls behind the bar. Main part was done in 3D by Manuel Grad. The bear was coming from cg team.


Tower scene: Matte Painting for the whole environment behind the water tower in collaboration with Marvin Funke. Planes and effects were done by cg team

Landscape scene: The background is a matte painting, done in collaboration with Marvin Funke again. The dog and foreground grass and ground came from cg team.

Church scene: I did the whole background as a 2.5D matte painting on top of a basic church render provided by 3D. Moving 3D elements (church bell) the tree screen right and some foreground grass came from the cg team.


Far Cry 5: Anything Can Happen, Everything Will - Live Action TV Spot


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