Iron Sky 2 - The Coming Race // Concept Art // Matte Painting


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Iron Sky 2 - The Coming Race


_ Year

2015 / 2016


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Feature Film
Concept Art
Matte Painting


_ Details

These are some of the concepts and matte paintings for Iron Sky 2, which I created as part of the Pixomondo environment team. Copyright Universal, Pixomondo or their respective owners.

iron-sky-2-matte painting-agartha-1-pixomondo-felix-botho-haas

Still frame out of the movie with my matte painting of Agartha in the background


Final shot with my matte painting in the background. I modeled the projection geometry and projected my layered matte painting of the background environment on top in Nuke.

My role in this Iron Sky 2 Agartha shot: Creating the layered matte painting of the far background and sky and project it on the geometry. The rest was done by the 3D environment team and compositing.


Making of - Layer breakdown of this shot


For this shot I created the concepts, the matte painting and the layered projection, so the clouds had parallax effects with the slight camera move and they could be warped in compositing.



Final matte painting

Concept Art and atmosphere variation for this shot

This is a bonus shot, as it was only created for the crowdfunding trailer. The foreground 3D elements were created by Falk Boje. I created the complete matte painting background. Then there was some comp magic and bird animations by the compositor.



Final matte painting with the early direction of Agartha. Later in the movie the style of the city and the hollow earth changed.

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